About Us


All our wonderful Crushy Balls capsules are made with 100% food essence and contains no harmful or toxic ingredients.

Try our latest product on the market adding a unique taste to your smoke. We are the leading company in adding a crush ball to your cigarettes making it more tastier than ever before whether you like mint, looking for that menthol hit or need a little more flavour, then crush balls are just for you.

The easy to insert capsule will blow your taste buds so why not give it a go. The specially designed crushy balls can fit inside any filter.

Since the menthol ban on cigarettes, our products are the next best thing to the menthol hit that you have been missing. Cigarettes will never taste the same. 

We have been developing this product before the menthol ban so you don't miss out, why not find out for youself, you won't be disappointed?

The Crushy Balls capsule is very easy to insert with or without the dispenser. It can be used in any normal size filter that also includes the Iqos heets.

If you are an owner of a retailer and is interested in stocking our items then fill out the simple form on the trade sign up and a member of the sales team will contact you. This is a great opportunity you do not want to miss out on.

Crushyballs is based in the UK, making it a reputable source for crushball capsules. Benefit from the convenience of local sourcing and have your Menthol Crushball Flavours delivered to your doorstep with ease.