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We are the UK's leading suppliers of quality award-winning crush ball capsules.

We can offer crush ball capsules to your requirement whether this is a low minimum order or in bulk. We provide reliable efficient solutions which are catered to different requirements and budgets. 

We offer a very adaptable service to your needs whether you're an existing retailer or just starting out. Whether you want to stock our capsules online or in a concession, we can offer options to suit you. We have premium flavoured capsules to gain new customers and keep the existing customers happy. We are constantly developing new flavours and new ideas to keep your customers on their toes. We will provide excellent service that continues beyond your initial purchase, We will keep in contact with you throughout to ensure you and your customers are always happy with the product we supply.

So get in touch with crushy balls ltd today and sign up for our fantastic wholesale service.

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Crush balls Capsules

£45 plus VAT for 20 flavours 

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