Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet
Material data sheet for Crushy Balls Capsules with different flavour:
  1. Chemical identification: Flavouring capsules for aromatization
  2. Composition/ Information of ingredients: Soybean oil, Food additive (Carrageenan, Glycerinum, Sodium alga acid, Food flavour)
  3. Hazard Identification: Non-Hazardous
  4. First Air Measure: Flush Immediately with clean water
  5. Fire Fighting Measure: Keep away from direct heat and flame.
  6. Accidental Release Measure: N/A
  7. Handling And Storage: Store in room temperature
  8. Exposure Control/ Personal Protection: N/A
  9. Physical And Chemical Properties: Natural and agriculture properties
    1. Flash Point: 110°
    2. Boiling Point: 65°
  10. Sterility And Reactivity: N/A
  11. Toxicological Information: Non Toxic
  12. Ecological Information: N/A
  13. Disposal Consideration: N/A
  14. Transport Information: Carrier by road, Train and air cargo
  15. Regulatory Information: N/A
  16. Other Information: We certify these items is Non-hazardous, Non-Dangerous, Non-Explosive, Non Corrosive, Non-Poisonous and is 100% safe for personal and cargo