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Crushy Balls

100 Strawberry Ice Crushballs Capsules

100 Strawberry Ice Crushballs Capsules

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Strawberry Crushballs for cigarettes have gained popularity among smokers who seek a unique and fruity twist to their smoking experience. It’s sweet, it’s tangy, with a robust aftertaste of earthiness. As if you’re smoking into the strawberry itself!

Strawberry Ice CrushBalls Capsules

Strawberry Capsules contains only natural oils in flavour, quite new, but also those well-known to smokers, but withdrawn from sale due to the EU directive. Everyone will find the perfect one for themselves.

Strawberry Ice Crushballs Capsules Features:

  • Easy to use, only need to be stuffed into the cigarette mouth to squeeze, and click, then you can enjoy the essence of your favourite aroma that stays from start to finish.
  • Our crush balls flavour is for those users who often smoke, using for a long time can eliminate bad breath, reduce irritation, and be cool and pleasant!
  • Extraction from pure natural Strawberry distillation is very safe and convenient. Click And Enjoy The Essence Of Aroma. With conventional cigarette filter tubes, every burning cigarette is unique.
  • Using scientific formulas, green and soft processing technology to grind and extract precious plant essences, and refine them.
  • Crush balls have no chemicals, green and environmentally friendly.

How to Insert Strawberry Ice Crushballs Capsules?

Insert Crushball in Cigarette

  • Install crush balls in the filter with the supplied applicator. 
  • Just make a hole in the filter and put the capsule inside. 
  • Capsules fit most sizes.

Strawberry Ice Crushballs Capsules is not intended for the consumption and aroma of food.
Keep out of the reach of children.