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Crushy Balls

400 Crushy Balls Capsules Pick Your Favourite Flavour

400 Crushy Balls Capsules Pick Your Favourite Flavour

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The delicate and sweet taste of mint with a hint of freshness. The aroma trick: squeeze, hear the click, and enjoy.

With these crushballs, every cigarette lit becomes a unique discovery. New in the world of cigarette filter sleeves. Gently pressing the filter, the aroma is released. This delicious flavor is available at any time.

Crushballs Flavour for Cigarettes


  • The others are fake. The flavor of the menthol filter ensures a fresh taste. The mint flavor of this filter tip is durable and only releases when used. If you are a connoisseur of powerful aromas, capsules are your best choice.
  • The product is completely vegan, contains only natural oils in many different flavors, some completely new, but also some already known to smokers. Everyone will find the perfect for themselves
  • The pack contains 400 crushyballs: honey peach, mint orange, iced black mint, banana with milk, mint grapefruit, mint apple, mint berry, peppermint, green tea, frozen strawberry, Chinese strawberry, frosted grapes, Fanta, sprite, cola, watermelon, lime, litchi, mint,
  • With the stick attached, you attach the ball to the filter. Suitable for traditional Heeds cigarettes - thin - Gilz sleeves, tubes, filter sleeves. You click and enjoy the essence of your favorite aroma from start to finish.

Easy installation:

How to Insert Crushball Capsule in Cigarette

  • Install crush balls in the filter with the supplied applicator. 
  • Just make a hole in the filter and put the capsule inside. 
  • Capsules fit most sizes.

    The product is not intended for the consumption and aroma of food. 

    Keep out of the reach of children.