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Crushy Balls

100 Cherry Ice CrushBalls Capsules

100 Cherry Ice CrushBalls Capsules

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A cherry ice crush ball. Very merry flavour! The moment you smoke on it, it brings all the sweet fruity vibes back!

Cherry Ice Crushball

To activate the cherry flavour crush ball, simply squeeze the tip, creating a satisfying pop, the capsule breaks and releases the cherry ice flavour to enhance the smoke. 


  • Cherry Crushball is completely vegetarian and contains only natural oils.
  • Thanks to these Cherry Crushballs, every burning cigarette becomes a unique discovery.
  • Use the stick provided to connect the crush balls to the filter, which is suitable for conventional cigarettes.
  • Our Cherry Crush Balls are small and portable and you can easily put them in your pocket and carry them anywhere you want.
How to Insert

The product is not intended for the consumption and aroma of food. 

Keep out of the reach of children.