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Crushy Balls

Crushball Dispenser With Rechargeable Lighter Plus Any Flavour Of Your Choice

Crushball Dispenser With Rechargeable Lighter Plus Any Flavour Of Your Choice

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Crush Ball Capsule Dispenser Plus Any Flavour Of Your Choice, Capsules for Cigarette Infusion. Crush ball dispenser making it easier to insert the capsule than ever before, this item comes with 100 Capsule flavour of your choice. Enhance the flavour of your cigarettes with the easy-to-use Crushball Dispenser.     

The new, improved recipe and the enlarged diameter of the ball make for an even better taste when smoking.  

Lemon flavor Crushball

Our cigarette capsules have many different flavours, they can improve the taste of cigarettes, and a wide selection makes them more economical, so you can feel different fruity cigarettes.
This newly improved 2020 model will make crush balls the insertion process much easier. The machine can be switched between normal and slim. No more flying Crushballs.

The Crushball Dispenser is quick and easy to use!

How to insert crushball?

Step 1. Insert a cigarette (filter side) into the dispenser loading passage and pull the first lever down to create a small passage in the filter.

Step 2. Slide the second lever across to release a crash ball into the loading passage.

Step 3. Pull the first lever down again to dispense the crushing ball into the cigarette filter.

Step 4. Remove cigarette, squeeze the filter to pop the crash ball, and enjoy!