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What are Cigarette Flavoured Crush Balls?

What are Crushballs?

Crush balls are smoked in the same way as traditional cigarettes. They give you the same feeling as smoking without all of the harmful chemicals that come with it. These balls have been around since 2003 and have become hugely popular among smokers looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco products.

The main reason why these items are so popular is that they offer something new in terms of consumption methods, usually when we think about being able to consume nicotine directly from an object rather than just inhaling it through smoke inhalation. Then this product comes into mind as one of those ideas worth exploring further.

Crushballs are available in Fruits Flavours

Crush balls are available in fruit flavours, such as apple, mango, banana and orange. You can get a crush ball with a taste of your favourite fruit! Some other flavours include peaches and pineapple. Tangerines are also popular choices for crush balls because they're sweet but not like many types of snacks out there. Strawberries are a great addition to any crush ball recipe because they're healthy and delicious.

You may have noticed that some flavours include mint or menthol—these elements add an extra layer of flavour when combined with other ingredients like strawberries or blueberries (which we mentioned before). Mint also gives off an earthy taste which pairs well with minted candies like gummy bears or lollipops; menthol has been added into many cough drops over recent decades due to its cooling effect on users' throats during colds/flu season.

Crush balls are available in different flavours, including mint, strawberry, bubblegum, cherry, vanilla and menthol.

  • Black Ice: This flavour is similar to Sprite but with an icy kick.
  • Cola: For those who want something sweeter than black ice but still want that kick of caffeine from a soda pop drink—this one's for you! It tastes just like Coca-Cola but without sugar or calories. Try it out if you're looking for something new!
  • Bubblegum: If you're looking for something sweet and fruity, this drink might be right up your alley! The taste reminds me of my childhood when I would get stuck chewing on bubble gum wrappers all day long by myself while playing outside with friends.* Lemon
  • Vanilla Ice Cream: If there's anything better than lemonade then maybe vanilla ice cream topped off with whipped cream? You'll never know unless you try it yourself. :)

How to use Crush Balls?

To use, make a hole with the stick in the middle of the filter. Push it halfway through and move it slowly in circular rotation to make a bigger hole for your crush ball capsule to pop out. Pop open your crush ball capsule, and use your fingers to push it into place inside its designated area on top of each cigarette filter.

How do I Place My Crushball Order?

To place your Crush ball order, simply search for "Crush Balls" on Google and click on the top result []. From there, you’ll see all of our different options for crush balls flavours in one place! To order your favourite flavour of crush balls, simply choose it from our list and click “Add To Cart” at the bottom of this page.

We only sell one box per flavour, so make sure you choose wisely before placing an order! Once you've made your purchase (and added any discount codes), we'll send out notifications letting you know when your package has been dispatched, so that we can mark it as received with customs clearance details.

The Way to Quit Smoking

The best way to quit smoking is by switching to Crush Balls by Flavoured crush because they are the safest alternative to traditional cigarettes. The most important thing when it comes to quitting smoking is finding an alternative that can help you cut down or stop altogether. The best way to do this is by using Crush Balls, which are available in different flavours and can be used anywhere!


The best way to quit smoking is by switching to Crush Balls by Flavoured crush because they are the safest alternative to traditional cigarettes. You can order them on our online store Crushyballs and then enjoy a new way of life!