Why are Menthol Cigarettes Banned in UK?

Why are Menthol Cigarettes Banned in UK?

DID YOU KNOW? According to a study of Tobacco Control, Menthol cigarettes were the reason for 10.1 million extra smokers in 2021. Especially young adults and ladies are more addicted to Menthol Cigarettes.

What Are Menthol Cigarettes?

Menthol Cigarettes are typically traditional cigarette, but it contains a menthol taste and fragrance. That's why menthol cigarettes are different from traditional cigarettes, and people prefer to smoke menthol cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes.

Menthol cigarettes can enhance the taste of regular cigarettes and produce a cooling sensation in the mouth and throat. Menthol cigarettes can also enhance the fragrance of your smoke and create an aroma for people around you.

The concept of menthol cigarettes was introduced in the 1920s. Menthol was first added to cigarettes in the 1920s and 1930s and became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Since then, the trend of menthol cigarettes continued until menthol cigarettes were banned.

Why are Menthol Cigarettes Banned in UK & USA?

Menthol Cigarettes are now banned in most European countries and the USA because people are highly smoking menthol cigarettes. Menthol reduces the intricacy of cigarette smoking and enhances the flavour of the cigarette.

The cooling effect of menthol can make it easier for smokers to inhale deeply. For smokers, menthol cigarettes are many times better than regular cigarettes.

There could be many reasons for the ban on menthol cigarettes, but the main reason was that smoking became more popular among youngsters and increase the graph of smokers.

Teenagers and ladies are mostly addicted to the minty flavour and the perceived "coolness" of smoking menthol cigarettes.

Through the ban on menthol cigarettes, governments are assisting in reducing the glamorization of smoking and creating a healthier environment for young people.

Furthermore, banning menthol cigarettes may lower overall smoking rates by making people less likely to begin smoking.

The ban on menthol cigarettes is intended to help reduce smoking rates and improve public health.

When Did Menthol Cigarettes Ban in the UK?

Menthol cigarettes were banned in the European Union, including the United Kingdom, as of May 20, 2020. The sale and production of menthol cigarettes in the United States are set to be banned in February 2021 as part of a decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

As part of the EU's Tobacco Products Directive, menthol cigarettes have been banned in the European Union since May 2020. The EU imposed the ban after determining that menthol cigarettes are more appealing to young people and can make it easier for them to begin smoking.

What are the Alternative for Menthol Cigarettes?

Crushball flavours are the most suitable alternative to smoking menthol cigarettes for smokers. Many smokers prefer crushball flavoured cigarettes instead of menthol cigarettes.

Crushball now becomes very popular among smokers nowadays because crushballs come in different size flavours, and you can add any flavour to your cigarette.

You can also use a variety of flavoured vapes. There are many types of vapes that you can use to enjoy menthol cigarettes.

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How to Make Crushball Cigarettes?

It is an easy process, so do not worry about it. It is something that you can learn as well. You have to  insert a flavoured crushball into a cigarette. Let me show you How?

1. Using stick

how to insert menthol crush ball in a cigarette?


You can use crush balls for cigarettes by inserting a crush ball into a cigarette filter using a stick.

To insert crush balls in a cigarette using a stick, create a hole in the cigarette filter with a stick >> Insert a crush ball into the cigarette filter >> crush it with your fingers, and then enjoy your crush ball cigarette smoke.

2. Using Crushball Dispenser

menthol crushball injector


To use a crush ball dispenser, insert the cigarette in the bottom side hole of the crush ball dispenser >> make a hole with a lever >> insert the menthol crush ball using the dispenser. Now enjoy your menthol cigarette smoke.

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Where To Buy Crush Ball For Cigarettes?

Crush balls are available in the most convenient online stores and tobacco shops. Buy, Crushyballs.com is the simplest place to buy crush balls.

Crushyballs is the place to go if you're looking for a great place to buy crush balls at a low price. This online store sells flavoured crush balls such as apple, mango, banana, and pineapple. So you're bound to find something that meets your requirements.


Crushyballs is a leading UK-based online store where you can purchase flavoured crush balls for cigarettes and enjoy your flavoured smoke.


Brazil was the first country to outlaw menthol cigarettes in 2012. Currently, Menthol cigarettes are banned in European countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. However, in some countries, such as India, menthol cigarettes are not prohibited.

If you want to enjoy flavoured smoking without menthol cigarettes, the Crushball flavour is the most suitable choice. You can also use a variety of flavoured vapes. You Know, Where to Buy It.

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