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Menthol Capsule For Cigarettes

Menthol capsules are a great way to add extra flavour to your cigarette. They come in different flavours, such as sprite and vanilla. They can also be mixed with other flavours as minty or fruity ones. Menthol capsules are best used with cigarettes because they enhance their taste while keeping the traditional taste of tobacco. You can even add menthol extract directly into your mouth when smoking, so you'll get a stronger flavour experience!

Menthol Capsules for Cigarettes

If you want to add extra flavour to your cigarette, you must use menthol capsules. They are available in different flavours and packed and inserted into cigarettes. You may choose from peppermint, sprite, cherry and bubblegum flavours.

Menthol capsules are used to add flavour to cigarettes. They're inserted into the cigarette's filter, which allows the smoker to inhale their smoke through an instrument called a crushball dispenser. The capsule is inserted into a cigarette with the help of a capsule inserter, then releases its flavourful contents into your lungs.

How does Menthol Capsule Work?

The capsules are made of a hard outer shell that breaks when you crush it between your fingers or insert it into a special tool called the capsule inserter.

The method for breaking them open is quite simple: just place the Menthol Capsule on top of your cigarette and then break it apart by smashing it down with both hands.

These capsules have a hard outer shell that breaks when you crush them between your fingers or insert them into a special tool called the capsule inserter. As a result, the menthol is released in the cigarette, and you get a fresh burst of flavour. Traditionally, menthol capsules were inserted into the cigarette's filter.

Flavours Available In Menthol Capsules

Menthol capsules are available in different flavours and strengths. For example, the menthol capsule comes in red, which means it may be apple or strawberry flavour or has more sweet taste than other menthol capsules. Apple Ice Menthol Capsule is a flavoured capsule used by smokers to get flavoured cigarettes. You can insert a menthol capsule in a cigarette with the help of a menthol capsule inserter or crushball dispenser.

Menthol Capsules Are Available In Different Packs

You can also choose between small and large packages of menthol capsules when purchasing them online or in stores. Smaller packages are easier to carry around without being noticed by anyone else while they're on their way into your mouth or pocket and less expensive because they contain less product per unit than larger ones!

menthol capsule for cigarettes

Where to Buy Menthol Capsule For Cigarettes?

Crushyballs is a leading online store in the UK where you can buy menthol capsules for cigarettes and enjoy your smoke. Crushyballs has a wide range of fruit-flavoured cigarettes to choose from, so you're sure to find the right one for your smoke. Crushyballs also offer mixed fruit crushballs dispensers, Vapes, etc.


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Menthol Capsule is a great way to add extra flavour to your cigarette. The capsules contain menthol and are designed to release the flavour when crushed between your fingers or inserted into the special capsule inserter.

You want a more intense taste when smoking. These capsules are ideal because they contain higher amounts of menthol, which imparts an almost mint-like taste to cigarettes.