Ladies and Crushball Cigarettes!

Ladies and Crushball Cigarettes!

Crushball is a new product introduce in market to enjoy the taste of cigarettes. The product comes in different flavours and is designed to simulate the feeling of smoking. It has been called the crushball cigarettes for adults (Especially for Ladies) because it looks like a real cigarette but contains fruit flavours.

Ladies and Crushball Cigarettes!


Let’s start with the facts. Ladies have a higher smoking rate than males, especially when it comes to smoking crushball cigarettes. Crushball cigarettes are more popular between ladies right now because of it's taste.

Ladies smoke crushball cigarettes more than men because crushball cigarettes are trending right now, and crushball cigarettes give amazing fragrances to your smoke, mood, and people around you.

The reasons for these differences are obviously crushball cigarettes. Now ladies are buying more crushball flavours in comparison to men. If you are women who smoke traditional cigarettes and want to increase the fragrance of cigarettes, Crushball cigarettes are here.

On the other side, most men smoke traditional cigarettes in comparison to crushball cigarettes, even if it's tasteless. They got into the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes.

What is Crushball Cigarettes?

Crushball cigarettes are the cigarette that contains flavoured crushball in filters. The product is used to increase the taste of traditional cigarettes by adding flavoured crushballs. Crushball cigarettes have become a trend nowadays after the ban on menthol cigarettes.
crushball cigarettes
Ladies are smoking crushball cigarettes more than traditional cigarettes. Crushball cigarettes also come in different flavours, such as menthol, mint candy, bubblegum, strawberry, etc.

How to Make Crushball Cigarettes?

Crushball cigarettes are a new way to enjoy smoking. It's not hard to make crushball cigarettes, but make sure that won't break the crushball while making crushball cigarettes. There are two ways to make crushball cigarettes, first is by using a stick, and the other is by using a crushball dispenser.

Make Crushball Cigarettes Using a Stick

To make crushball cigarettes using a stick, take a cigarette, create a hole in the cigarette filter using a stick, add a crushball capsule, crush it with your fingers, and then enjoy your flavoured smoke.

While inserting crushballs in cigarettes using a stick, make sure you don't break a crushball or do not put too much stick in the cigarette filter because it may break the cigarette filter.

Make Crushball Cigarettes Using a Crushball Dispenser

A Crushball dispenser is the best way to make crushball cigarettes. crushball is a kind of pocket-size device that contains different crushball flavours.

To make crushball cigarettes using a crushball dispenser, insert the cigarette in the bottom side hole of the crushball dispenser, make a hole using the lever, and insert the crushball in a cigarette. Now enjoy your flavoured smoke.

How Many Flavoured Crushball Cigarettes are Available?

There are many different flavours of crushball cigarettes available in the UK. The most popular ones are menthol capsules, mint, watermelon, blueberry, grape, apple, orange, tangerine, and lemon crushball cigarettes.

Other flavours include vanilla, strawberry, bubblegum, passion, pear, coconut, cola, red bull, and chocolate crushball cigarettes. The flavour you choose intention depends on the type of person you want to impress with your crushball cigarette purchase!

Where to Purchase Crushball For Cigarettes?

Crushball cigarettes are available online. The best way to buy crushball cigarettes is through an e-commerce site like Crushyballs. Crushyballs is a leading crushball cigarettes supplier in the UK, so you'll likely be able to find them on their website if you're looking for this product!


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Crushball cigarettes are a new way to enjoy smoking. Crushball cigarettes come in different flavours, including mint, menthol and vanilla. Crushball cigarettes are made from natural ingredients and have been tested by experts to ensure that you get the best results when using them.

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