How to Use Cigarette Flavor Beads Injector?

How to Use Cigarette Flavor Beads Injector?

What is Cigarette Flavor Beads Injector?

If you’re looking for a new way to smoke menthol cigarettes, the crushball dispenser is ideal. It’s simple to use and easy to carry in your pocket. The capsules come in packs of 10, which are disposable so you can use them repeatedly or replace them when they get damaged by water damage or wear from regular use.

Crushball dispenser is a cigarette flavour beads injector machine used for inserting a menthol capsule crushball in a cigarette. The crushball dispenser consists of an outer shell and an inner cartridge containing the flavoured menthol capsules.

How to Use Cigarette Flavor Beads Injector?

Crushball Dispenser | Cigarette Flavor Beads Injector

The Crushball Dispenser has been designed to allow you to insert your favourite customised crushballs into this crushball dispenser, resulting in an added level of personalisation and convenience for your customers.

How To Insert a Cigarette in the Crushball Dispenser

The first step is to insert the cigarette into the crushball dispenser. You must use an ultrafine filter, which has a diameter of 1 mm or less. Otherwise, it will not be able to fit through the opening of this product. Do not use a capsule if you are not sure about its size or brand.

Pull the Lever Down to Make a Hole Inside the Filter

When you pull the lever down, a hole will be made inside the filter. Use this lever to load your cigarette with crushball capsules and slowly push them into their designated position in your filter.

Use the Filter Lever to Load the Cigarette

  • Whilst holding the cigarette in place, use the filter lever to load it into its slot.
  • Slowly push the crush ball capsule inside the hole until it clicks into place. When you have finished loading your cigarette, push the filter back into place until it clicks.

Push the Crushball Capsule Inside

  • Slowly push the capsule inside the hole and make sure it's inserted into the filter.
  • Don't push it in too far, or you may damage the capsule when you remove your filter from its holder!
  • Align your crush ball container with its corresponding intake port on each side of your dispenser unit, then release pressure from both sides at once by twisting off their caps and placing them back onto their respective containers before replacing them in their holders again.

Please Insert Gently to Avoid the Capsule Popping

Be gentle when using the crushball dispenser. Do not pop the crushball capsule, as you can easily damage it and make it unusable. If your crushball pops at any point during use, do not worry about trying again. Simply put it back together and continue with your day! If you are feeling particularly adventurous and want to see if you’re able to get through this challenge, then go ahead and take a shot in the arm!


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If you’re looking for a new way to smoke menthol cigarettes, the crushball dispenser is ideal. Crushball Dispenser is a menthol balls inserter machine used for inserting a crushball in a cigarette. Crushball Dispenser has been designed to allow you to insert customised crushballs into this machine. Crushyballs is the leading online store in the UK where you can buy Crushball Dispenser at the very best prices.

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